Dr Colin Vickers – Fine-Art Photographer Vienna, Austria

Fine-Art Photographer Vienna, Austria

Dr Colin Vickers is an English fine-art photographer living in Vienna, Austria and is widely recognised as one of the world's leading fine-art nude photographers today. The emotions his pieces convey are rarely found in this genre especially considering he rarely shows faces in his pieces. His pieces are often minimalistic yet complicated and often toned with old-fashioned hues.

'I see myself as a minimalist and a perfectionist and I think this shows a lot in my work. I am heavily influenced by modern fine-art nude photographers and also by the Renaissance masters, and I inspire to bring these two genres together in order to create unique and timeless masterpieces that will look incredible on anyone's living-room wall.'

Colin was born in Lincoln, England in 1975 and moved to London at the age of 18 where he obtained his undergraduate and doctorate degree at Imperial College. In 2003, he moved to Vienna and fell in love with the city. In 2009, he opened his studio in Vienna's 7th district and has been working there ever since.

'Most of my subjects are normal people, like you and me, and I aspire to bring their personalities into my pieces. I feel this gives my photos a very personal and emotional connection.'

Colin's art started to gain attention in 2010 with his first exhibition and, since then, he has won many international awards. His work has been featured in many magazines and can be found on display at many locations in Vienna. He is available for sittings and commissioned work and often gives workshops for local photographers/artists.
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Great Photos, Happy Clients

Colin is very easy to work with, has great suggestions and at the same time takes his work very seriously. I was more than satisfied with his work.


Colin had great ideas and the outcome of the photos was amazing. Never thought that I could look like that.


Colin is such a talented pro-photographer. I highly recommend him!


For sure one of the best photographers in Vienna! Totally in love with his work!


Thanks to his great photos I now have three auditions set up and it’s only been a few days. Highly recommended!


A great photographer, one of kind!


What a pleasure, jederzeit wieder!

Small Theater

Ein Meister des Lichts! Jederzeit gerne wieder!


Really nice and talented photographer! I LOVE the photos and I got them right after the shooting. 😉


I really love the photos, they are full of energy, colour, freshness and fun!!!


So viel spaß hatte ich noch nie und super Bilder rausgekommen.


Es war echt ein wundervolles shooting. Der Fotograf ist echt genial und Herr in seinem Element. Er hat so viele ideen und weiß diese auch immer richtig umzusetzen. ;))


A great shooting and I like the photos very much!


Really fantastic, very creative and funny.
Wonderful pictures, you have done a great job 🙂
Thank you very very much!


War ein großartiges Shooting und es sind viele tolle Bilder entstanden!!
Vielen, lieben Dank und bis bald!! 😉


Fantastic and very inspiring shooting.
We’ve had great fun and worked well together.=)


We have had 3 great and beautiful sessions together, and the results were amazing!
Thank you Colin.


Wieder einmal ein geniales Shooting, wobei tolle Bilder entstanden sind.
Die Zusammenarbeit mit Colin ist sehr angenehm…..Good Vibrations!!


It was a great pleasure to work with Colin. We had a lot of fun. I was feeling very comfortable.
Very Creative. Hope to work with you soon again.


Colin is a great and professional Photographer 🙂
We did an extraordinary shooting, got awesome pics.


Du bist sehr gut auf meine Vorschläge eingegangen, jedoch war ich auch unglaublich dankbar und froh über die deinigen hilfreichen Instruktionen. Du warst durchgehend um mein Wohlbefinden bemüht!! Gerne wieder!!


I think the photos can tell for themselves. Always again 🙂


I just LOVE the pics^^
This photographer is friendly, funny and definitely inspiring.
Looking forward to the next time..and the next time…and the next time…… 🙂


Wie auch die letzten Shootings mit Colin, einfach klasse. Die Atmosphäre am Set sowie die Bilder… TOP! 😉


Du bist sehr feinfühlig und immer bemüht das hat mich richtig beeindruckt.
Es hat großen Spaß gemacht und ich freue mich gerne auf eine Wiederholung.


Colin is just great, We had so much fun and with him and his ideas. thank you very much 😉


It was great and very productive, funny and relaxed.
I love your work!


Super Fotograf, super Ergebnisse!


Irrsinnig tolles und abwechslungsreiches Shooting!
Tolles Fotos!
Jederzeit wieder!


It was a real pleasure to meet you and to work with you!
The pictures are awesome! I had a wonderful time.


Fantastic results!!!
The work with you is really nice, relaxed and successful!
Thanks again!!!


Colin, you are an absolutely wonderful, easy-going and friendly person and an extremely talented photographer.
Thank you for all the great images.


Colin is a highly talented, intelligent photographic artist/scientist who knows how to get the best out of you, your aura and your depth.


Colin is a extraordinary photographer.
It´s a pleasure for me to work with such an talented creative man!


Lovely, inspiring photos!!
Loved to work with Colin!


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