Jennifer – Nude Art For Her Husband’s Birthday

Jennifer - Nude Art For Her Husband's Birthday - Hair Flying

Jennifer wanted to give her husband something a little unusual for his birthday so, like many others, she came to me for a photoshoot.

It was her first time being nude in front of a camera but I keep a very relaxed atmosphere in the studio and she never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable.

She wanted something for her bedroom wall that was nude but not showing anything. She really liked my photos where the models were throwing their hair around so that was our first shot. For the second shot, she also liked a photo of a model’s back and so that became our second shot. The last shot was from an outtake – she loved the way her face looked so we cropped it down and turned it into a portrait for her desk at work.

The photos looked even better printed out large and framed – they should now be hanging on her bedroom wall. I’m still waiting to hear how her husband reacted to them but I can only imagine that he loves them too. Even though the photos are very personal, she was very kind to let me show these photos on my blog.

Makeup was from the fabulous Miyu Haydn