Denisa Strakova Workshop – 13th May

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Denisa Strakova is a world-class model and a legend in the nude-photography scene and has worked with some of the finest photographers in the world (see below for photos or check out her webpage: http://www.denisastrakova.com/portfolio/art/).

It is a great honour to have her in my Vienna studio and I have decided she would be the perfect model for my first workshop on fine-art sculptural nudes.

In this one-day workshop, we will focus on sculptural nudes and go through the classic lighting and poses most often used.

You can book your ticket here:
https://www.drfoto.at/product/denisa-strakova-1day/ (1 day: shooting)
https://www.drfoto.at/product/denisa-strakova/ (2 days: shooting + post-processing)