Balance – Surreal Fine-Art Composition

Balance by Dr Colin Vickers
Balance - Surreal Fine-Art Composition by Dr Colin Vickers
Balance by Dr Colin Vickers

I have been slowly building this vision over the last few weeks and with the help of this fabulous model and my wonderful wife, I managed to realise it yesterday.
Maybe this is the start of something new, maybe it is only a detour, but it feels like a very positive step forwards on my journey as an artist!

This was a very hard photo to realise and was taken at my photostudio in Vienna, Austria. The model was stretched out on a box which was later removed in Photoshop. The balloons were stuck together with tape and held up by string attached to a pole above (we did not have any helium handy). The background was painted by my wife and the dress was from her collection.

We tried a few different poses and dresses and many different things for the model to rest on, but not everything worked so well because I needed to be able to remove the box in Photoshop which was not so easy. This was one of the last shots we took and works perfectly