Fine-Art ‘Bath Tub’ Photography

Fine-Art 'Bath Tub' Photography by Fine-Art Photographer Dr Colin Vickers

I’ve always wanted to experiment with fine-art photography in the bath tub and I finally got the chance with this beautiful model.
As this was an experimental photoshoot, we tried many different things and came up with some incredible results.

The bath tub was extremely small and so we were very restricted with what we could do, but this meant we had to focus on more abstract photography instead of full-body beauty photography. We tried adding items to the water – floating oranges turned out a little too cliched for me, but when I added some coffee granules to try and turn the water a little brown, they floated on the surface and gave a really interesting look to the photos. Similar interesting results were obtained when I covered the model’s face with a piece of fabric.

You can see more of Christina here: