Workshop: Lighting and Composition in Artistic Nude Photography (26th March 2017) (NSFW)


A one day workshop focusing on lighting and composition with the fabulous Sally.

Location: Studio Vickers. Richtergasse 1A/3, 1070 Wien

Time: Sunday 26th March 10:00-22:30

Photographer Level: Any

Requirements: Camera with flash hotshoe (a camera will be available in the studio if needed but please bring an SD card – at least 16GB)

Language: English

Participants: Minimum 2/Maximum 4

Price: €299


Lighting artistic nudes requires a different approach to other forms of photography and we can experiment and play with light and shadow.
However, to get the best results, we must have a good understanding of compositional theory.


This workshop starts with compositional theory and then examines different lighting styles and how they relate to composition. We will then have a shooting period where we can apply what we have learned.


Sally will be our nude model for this workshop and you can see her in the pictures below which will be similar to the look we are aiming for (if she cannot make it, we will find another model). You can also find some more photos of sally here


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