Another Back Study and Bodyscape

I don’t know about you but when I have some spare time and feeling a little bored, I look through my photos, find something that inspires me, and then hop into Photoshop.

Sometimes I can spend an hour, sometimes 3 hours, editing and playing with the photo until I am happy with it.

Well, today I had quite a bit of free time so I was playing with a bodyscape AND a back study.

For the bodyscape below, I wanted to add a nude that looked like a tree but I couldn’t find anything in my portfolio that had the right lighting. So I settled for the photo you see and while the lighting does not fit the scene completely, I think it still works. I felt the original composition looked too empty without it but I have added the photo below so you can make your mind up.

For the back study, here I decided to go for muted yellows in a monochromatic colour scheme – I think this fits the aged look I tried to give the photo, reminiscent of the faded colours of an old oil painting.

I have also included a bodyscape I made yesterday (in red) as I have not uploaded it to my blog yet