A back study

So, I was brainstorming with a model and we decided to make a photo focusing on her back with her holding some fabric to cover her lower back.
I found this quite difficult because with only a back showing, the photo is somewhat devoid of features and lacks a focus for the eye to rest on and also the elbows would look very ‘square’ when shot from behind.
After a few shots, I decided to try some with the model holding an old book she had brought along to add a little more interest to the shot and suddenly it came alive.
I shot this on a blue background, my second shoot with this background, and I found it made things really easy to swap out the background. I am still learning the fastest and easiest approach but I will probably use the background for many shoots in the future.
Here, I tried to give the photo an antique painting look with some simple overlays and colour toning.

I have included the original so you can see the changes I made in Photoshop