Gloriana (NSFW)

It’s always a pleasure to photograph a beautiful woman.

Gloriana was stunning and posed wonderfully in front of my camera….


Louise is a good friend and a beautiful model.
This series is from a photoshoot we had in my studio a few years ago but I decided to reprocess the photos in sepia.

Romantic Proposal in Volksgarten

Nathan is a romantic, a serious romantic and Lizzy is his long-time girlfriend.
Most people would never even think of renting out one of the prettiest parks in Vienna, but that did not stop Nathan

Pregnancy Shoot in Red (NSFW)

The mother-to-be was a good friend and wanted some abstract close-up photos of her pregnant baby-belly and I was more than happy to have a pregnancy shoot with her. She was 8 1/2 months pregnant and we were a little worried that we would not have time for the shoot before the baby arrived. Fortunately for us, the baby did not come early as expected and we were able to take this series of her stunningly beautiful baby-belly.

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