Candlit Dreams by Dr Colin Vickers

Candlelit Dreams

From an early age, I would turn the lights off and play with candles, watching how the shadows would dance around the room. Later, I […]

Warmth of Pebbles by Dr Colin Vickers

Warmth of Pebbles

I took this piece on Friday with model Orsolya Gábli. We were only supposed to be meeting for a chat, but somehow we ended up […]

Balance by Dr Colin Vickers


I have been slowly building this vision over the last few weeks and with the help of this fabulous model and my wonderful wife, I […]


Denisa Strakova Workshop – 13th May

Denisa Strakova is a world-class model and a legend in the nude-photography scene and has worked with some of the finest photographers in the world […]


The Motel Room (NSFW)

One of the things I miss in my studio is natural window light. My photo studio is on the ground floor and while it has […]


In a mirror darkly (NSFW)

This series was inspired by the fabulous Yuri Shalimov and was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to give the impression of the model […]


Christina – Nudes (NSFW)

Christina is one of my favourite nude models right now and we always have very creative shoots together. With this series of nudes taken at […]



On Sunday, a good friend contacted me and asked for a photoshoot in the evening. He had been on holiday and had a strong tan […]