Salomon’s Wrong Choice At Chelsea

I was lucky enough to be invited to take photos of Salomon’s Wrong Choice album release concert at the Chelsea club in Vienna on Friday.

If anyone doesn’t know about them, I strongly suggest you check them out at They are a great indie/rock band and the concert was really awesome –  check them out!

The lighting was pretty great so I didn’t need to use a flash – I used my D800 with 24mm, 85mm, and 150mm primes and shot mostly wide open at 1/200s with auto-iso ranging up to iso6400 (I did some tests a few weeks ago and at realised at this ISO/speed, I can remove all the noise without losing too much detail).

Given the lighting, the bar, and the feel of the band, I chose to make most of the photos black and white (with a slight colour tint) to give it a feel of a 1950s band – I think it adds a dramatic feel to the photos.

You can find more at

For artists interested in having me take photos of their concerts in Vienna, please get in touch – maybe I’ll even work for tickets and beer 😉


DrColinVickers-20130125-0465 DrColinVickers-20130125-0483  DrColinVickers-20130125-0243 DrColinVickers-20130125-0251 DrColinVickers-20130125-0255 DrColinVickers-20130125-0263 DrColinVickers-20130125-0300 DrColinVickers-20130125-0302 DrColinVickers-20130125-0313 DrColinVickers-20130125-0323 DrColinVickers-20130125-0336 DrColinVickers-20130125-0343 DrColinVickers-20130125-0362 DrColinVickers-20130125-0367 DrColinVickers-20130125-0378 DrColinVickers-20130125-0379 DrColinVickers-20130125-0387 DrColinVickers-20130125-0393 DrColinVickers-20130125-0394 DrColinVickers-20130125-0395 DrColinVickers-20130125-0395-2 DrColinVickers-20130125-0404 DrColinVickers-20130125-0405 DrColinVickers-20130125-0407 DrColinVickers-20130125-0414 DrColinVickers-20130125-0423 DrColinVickers-20130125-0428 DrColinVickers-20130125-0428-2 DrColinVickers-20130125-0457 DrColinVickers-20130125-0457-2