Portraits of a Master

I was approached by a pianist to take some quick portraits in the studio.
He wanted something a little different, something with character.
We didn’t have so much time but we managed to take some great photos….


Louise is a good friend and a beautiful model.
This series is from a photoshoot we had in my studio a few years ago but I decided to reprocess the photos in sepia.

A Master Pianist

Daniel is a very talented concert pianist from the United States living in Vienna and needed some new photos for his website.

A Walk Around Parliament, Volksgarten, and Burggarten

On Monday, I had the pleasure of walking around Vienna Parliament, Volksgarten, and Burggarten with the fabulous Irina Skripnik, a talented photographer from Ukraine who was on a European tour, her husband, and a lovely Ukranian couple who were living in Vienna.
We tried some new ideas out amid the lovely Vienna landmarks in the area and took some fabulous photos.

Dragonboat Racing on the Donau

A few friends were organising the Dragonboat race on Saturday and invited me along.
It was held at the Vienna City Beach Club along the Donau and the weather was beautiful.
Unfortunately, I was only there for an hour because I had to be at a party afterwards but I managed to take some lovely photos.

Baby Photos at Burg Kreuzenstein

Some friends are getting married in August and I will be taking the photos.
Yesterday, we looked around the wedding location and ended up at Burg Kreuzenstein.
They brought their 10-month old baby along and he was so sweet that I ended up taking lots of photos of him..

Quick Fashion(ish) Shoot

A model just popped by to pick up her photos and she had awesome glasses. She was in a rush but I managed to get a few photos on her walk home

Schönbrunn Zoo

It has been sometime since I was last at the zoo but not so much has changed. As I was with my girlfriend, I didn’t really have the time to focus on photography, but I still got some nice handheld shots with my Nikon 200mm f/2.

Romantic Proposal in Volksgarten

Nathan is a romantic, a serious romantic and Lizzy is his long-time girlfriend.
Most people would never even think of renting out one of the prettiest parks in Vienna, but that did not stop Nathan

Vienna Photo Walk

Vienna Photo Walk is a group of photographers that meet up monthly and walk around Vienna in different locations. I had wanted to join them before but I was always busy with other things during their walks. Fortunately, on Saturday, my model had cancelled and I was finally able to join them. The group are lovely and we wandered along the Donaukanal to see the graffiti and get some photos of the stand-up paddling event going on. I had my Nikon 200mm f2 with me and we did more talking and chatting than taking photos and the stand-up paddling was not as spectacular as hoped, but I love the photos I took during the day.